It’s amazing to meet you, and here’s my story!  I’m Taralyn Tharp Kohler, Founder of “Move Your Mission,” and a seasoned entrepreneur and philanthropist with over 25 years of moving and shaking.   While I grew up a theater kid, after graduating from the University of Maryland my stage became Corporate America.   My early career years were spent thriving in the .com boom of telecommunications cold-calling door to door on businesses, embassies, and associations in Washington DC.  I was proud to climb the corporate ladder to become one of the few female leaders in the telecom industry at the time.

Early in my career, I was a risk-taker and very authentic, often blazing my own trail and taking the road less traveled.  I made bold hiring decisions by gut instinct.  I “put my name on” and hired team members who were often overlooked in the interview process because of their appearance.  Some didn’t have a college degree or a “perfect” resume.  My recruiting best practice was adopted as the model within MCI’s Commercial Accounts, and I was asked to write a white paper that later became the gold standard for managers during the recruitment process. I also earned a reputation of building Dream Teams that were diverse, unified and crushed their sales goals.  Uniting teams by holding “Team Days” with motivational moments, training,  personal growth exercises, and team bonding was a differentiator that built loyalty.

As a Sales Manager, I took an unprecedented number of reps to New Logo Bounty Club not once but twice for having the most new sales acquisitions than any other sales manager in WorldCom.  This was during the WorldCom bankruptcy when quite frankly other teams weren’t selling.  I was recognized consistently as having the highest employee retention ratio of any leader in my division.  My team’s sales success stories were also featured in MCI’s annual reports as well as industry publications.  My team facilitated the relationship between Twi which resulted in the acquisition of ICF and launched a new digital media product line within MCI and for which we received numerous accolades.  As a Director, my Branch was also consistently in the top two in the country.  I draw from these successful experiences and best practices working with clients.

Professionally, my recent work in the non-profit sector helping charities find ways to develop meaningful outreach programs, processes and procedures, establish a following, and increase fundraising to move their mission is the most energizing.  It’s this work in making a difference and leaving a legacy that means the most. This calling in the non-profit space is what led me to organically start “Move Your Mission.  I believe that when passion meets purpose we can change the world …  or at least our corner of it.

Many will argue that non-profit work isn’t “selling,” but I whole heartedly disagree.  Non-profits need to clearly execute their value proposition and also need to run their organizations like a business.  They have an obligation to use donor funds responsibly and with integrity.  My years of sales and pitching translate into my ability to clearly help you define your strategy.  Whether it’s creating a “Smile Kit” for cancer patients and the branding around it,  a “Race With Purpose” fundraising program, or building a non-profit “Stories Project,” we will creative devise a campaign that fits your non-profits vision.

Some people think outside the box.  For me, there is no box.  I’m an “all in” kind of person, and I bring this enthusiasm and passion to the table with my clients.  Seasoned in sales excellence, business development, marketing, and business strategy, I am well versed in consulting corporations ranging from fortune 500 to small businesses, nonprofits and philanthropists.  I relate to people from all walks of life and innately know how to bring out the best in a team or organization.  Within my wheelhouse, I especially enjoy creating sustainable plans and strategies that become transformational for my clients.

I believe in lifelong learning and constant self-improvement.  My latest educational experience being coached by Dr. Jean Miller Professor with GW through Capital Speakers Club of Washington where I served as President of my class.   I’m also a certified Executive Coach through Georgetown University and use these skills to bring out the best in my clients through team and personal coaching.  I am also a proud member of the National Association of Women Business Owners and a certified USA Triathlon Race Director and certified USA Triathlon Coach.   I enjoy speaking at conferences on how to leverage philanthropy through sport.

When I’m not working out, socializing, or consulting clients, I personally give back as part of The National Charity League as well as the Young Men’s Service League where I volunteer time with my two teenage children, Kailyn and Quinton.   I was honored to receive the Gold Presidential Volunteer Service Award in 2016, 2017, and 2018 for completing more than 500 hours of pro bono skills-based and volunteer service work.   I also am a fitness enthusiast and enjoy triathlon, golf and tennis.  I have completed six Ironman 70.3 events and devise my most energetic ideas while swimming, running or biking. Because of this, the name “Move Your Mission” was conceived during a run on a beautiful Spring day.   You can read about that and more about that in my blog.

I would describe myself as passionate, courageous, ambitious, entrepreneurial and of course, very social.  I thrive on new experiences, love to travel and am a dreamer.  If you are still reading this and we work together, you should know that I celebrate success with an oaky buttery chardonnay, a craft beer, or something bubbly and a bit of dark chocolate.  I strive to have fun in all that I do, and my cup of life is always full.

Curious about working together or partnering on an opportunity?   Shoot me email at tara@moveyourmission.com.

My Best,

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Taralyn Kohler
Founder and Change Maker