Kyle Watson

I first met Tara while we were both working for Ironheart Foundation.  I have to start by saying that Tara is one of the most sincere and thoughtful people that I have ever met.

Together we took a grassroots non-profit and helped them to clarify their mission, define the impact that they hoped to have along with setting a strategy for how to achieve their goals for growth and engagement. We both learned a great deal from each other on that engagement and formed a life long friendship.


Tara understands the difference between fundraising and delivering impact, something extremely important in the philanthropic world.  By helping organizations to create and build social groups on Facebook, collect and share impact stories, as well as taking the time to understand the needs and values of the philanthropy, Tara has helped organizations build a presence which is truly impactful to those communities.  Not all impact requires money, and Tara has shown that the power of inspiration and communication can be priceless.

If you truly want to have an impact on your cause, look at Tara to be the catalyst of growth to take your organization big or small to the next level.

– Kyle Watson, Consultant