Jim Oldfield

I had the pleasure of serving on Ironheart’s Board of Directors while Tara served as our Chief Development Officer on a consultant basis. Tara made an immediate impact establishing a Fundraising and Grant Program by winning several key monetary and in kind grants.

She won a Google AdWords marking grant which is generating a significant amount of clicks and impressions daily on Ironheart’s website maximizing the $40,000 monthly grant consistently. Tara’s creativity in launching Ironheart’s first virtual race as well as co-authoring and implementing the impactful “Stories Project featured 40 stories of individuals thriving with heart disease. This is the #1 draw for new members and google searches.


I had a chance to meet Tara in Baltimore this summer at a documentary screening event which she co-hosted. Tara pulled together a first class event with a frugal budget which resulted in gaining multiple first-time high end donors. The event also was covered on the local news stations and had high visibility in the community drawing new corporate sponsors.

Tara’s impact in laying the strategic groundwork for Ironheart’s future will be long reaching.

– Jim Oldfield, Board Member, Ironheart Foundation