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A boutique consulting firm specializing in empowering organizations to reach new heights through coaching, strategy, and thought and temporary leadership.   Our approach is authentic and edgy, yet strategic.  We confidently deliver with actions, not words.  Let’s move mountains together!




Move Your Mission is a boutique consulting firm specializing in empowering organizations to reach new heights through coaching, strategy, and thought and temporary leadership.

Reach New Heights

Think of Move Your Mission as your Fairy Godmother in business.   MYM has experience in empowering organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.  We solve business problems in a variety of ways, enabling your organization to thrive.

Clients typically find us through referral or word of mouth.  We frequently hear, “I’ve been following the success that you’ve had with ABC organization; could you do that for us?”  We offer brain power, a strong dose of passion, and an organized approach.  We function as a trusted advisor, a caffeinator, and sometimes even a mediator as we wear many hats.

We focus on your needs, challenges, and concerns and strive to make you feel like our only client.  Let us partner with you to devise and execute a plan that moves your organization to the next level.   If you are ready to transform and are prepared to implement the vision you have always dreamed of, buckle up and let’s go for a ride!    

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The MYM Approach

When you hire MYM, we bring passion, experience and an energetic plan to rejuvenate and propel your vision. By giving us a seat at your leadership table, we become a vested partner in your success.  Whether you are a non-profit looking to increase fundraising and build your community or a corporation looking to increase sales and reach, MYM takes on a variety of roles and fill gaps to get the job done.

Leveraging years of successful experience in the corporate and philanthropic worlds, we pride ourselves in authoring a thoughtful path forward that will grab your audience in a new and powerful way.  We have a talent and passion for visualizing possibilities, revitalizing organizations, building communities, and inspiring audiences to invest and take action.

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Outcomes with Pizzazz

with Move Your Mission many positive results are possible.  What we can promise is that your organization will move out of its comfort zone because we believe that nothing “epic” happens there. 

Here are just a few possible outcomes:   

  • Increased Sales or Donations 
  • An Engaged Following or Community 
  • Energized Messaging, Content, and Brand Image 
  • An Executed Winning Roadmap
  • Sustainable Procedures 
  • Elevated Employee Morale 
  • Purpose-Driven Leaders 
  • A Perfected “Elevator Pitch” 
  • A Crystal-Clear Vision, Direction, and Mission

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