• Thought Leadership: Put MYM on retainer to strategize and create a plan to build and strengthen your community of followers.  This may include strategy around fundraising, messaging, content curation, member communication, and social media.   
  • In-Kind and Monetary Grants:  MYM will work with you to create a grant strategy.   We have a proven track record of securing both in-kind and monetary grants.  This includes the $10,000 monthly Google AdWords grant.  Let us show you the way!   
  • Temporary Leadership: We will fill leadership gaps to get the job done until you can find a permanent solution. Let us be the glue that holds your organization together.
  • Rebrand & Relaunch Guidance: Nothing brings out our fire like a good challenge.  We are innovative and creative and can reveal hidden possibilities to expand your vision.  
  • Board Development:  We advise on growing and strengthening your Board.  We will help you attract and recruit the right people to carry out your vision.    
  • Social Impact Activities:  Allow us to create a Social Impact Activity Program that you can market to corporations large and small in return for a donation.   We will help you do more good in your community! 


MYM’s ideal non-profit candidate needs thought leadership to right the ship and help the organization move into the green or to the next level.  The organization usually is desiring to enhance their giving or grants program, grow their community or following, elevate their messaging, and strengthen their Board of Directors.  As we build our relationship, our clients are investing in us as much as we are investing in them. MYM functions on retainer for a set monthly fee for minimum of 6 months.  We work within your budget to define a scope of work that is a win-win.