Executive Leadership Coaching makes good leaders great!  Invest in coaching like you’d invest in a gym membership, a fitness coach or a haircut routine.  Start living your best life today!

  • Personal Brand:  What do you stand for?  How do you show up? What kind of leader are you?  Let’s explore your image – where you are today and what changes are necessary to be the person you want to be?   Invest in your image. 
  • Linked In & Resume Coaching:  You’ve worked hard to climb the ladder or maybe you are just getting started.  Make sure that your resume and Linked In reflect your accomplishments and tell your personal story.  What’s your personal elevator pitch?   
  • Business Start-Up:  I’ll share with you my secrets and help you launch your business!  Strategic planning, website design, content curation, and branding are all part of this process. 
  • Leadership Intervention: Put us on retainer to strategize and solve your business problems.
  • Interview Coaching:  Ready to make a move and pursue your dream job?  We will prep you for your interviews.  You’ll leave our sessions feeling confident and ready to tackle  any question that you are asked.   
  • Presentation Coaching:  Need to prepare for presentations?  Need to perfect your elevator pitch or speech?  Stuck on content and have writer’s block?  These are areas that MYM can be your game changer.  
  • Executive & Business Coaching: MYM will be your trusted advisor and give you a kick in the pants when you need it.  We will bring out the best in you and help push you to a new level while making you feel empowered.


Individual Coaching Sessions are $150. These last approximately one hour.

A 6 month coaching package is $2000. This includes (2) one hour sessions monthly and an initial consultation of up to two hours. In the Initial Consultation we will deep dive into your current state and explore where you want to go personally and professionally. The output of our conversation will be a roadmap for success. Be prepared to discuss sticky points and strengths. If you are not satisfied with your outcome, your investment will be refunded.

Gift certificates are available upon request. MYM offers a complimentary 15 minute conversation to answer questions and see if we are a good fit.