MYM offers the following BUSINESS services scaled to your budget and timeframe:

  • Thought Leadership: Put us on retainer to strategize to solve your business problems, and to transform your organization so that your business grows and prospers.   
  • Temporary Leadership: We will fill leadership gaps to get the job done until you can find a permanent solution. Let us be the glue that holds your organization together.
  • Launching Start-Ups:  Offer us a seat at the table and we will perform a variety of roles on your dynamic leadership team from Sales VP to Chief Strategist to Executive Leadership.  Let us empower you and show the competition that there is a new sheriff in town.    
  • Executive & Business Coaching: MYM will be your trusted advisor. We will bring out the best in your key personnel, ignite them, and elevate their business acumen.  
  • Rebrand & Relaunch Guidance:  Nothing brings out our fire like a good challenge.  We are innovative and creative and can reveal hidden possibilities to expand your vision.
  • Sales, Leadership, and Service Training:  MYM can sell igloos to eskimos.  You can read about our past success here.  Let us leverage our selling experience and create sustainable results.  Your employees will feel empowered and ready to move mountains.  
  • Team building & Social Impact Activities: Let us create an event that not only engages and inspires your employees but also makes a difference in your community and enriches your organization’s mission.


Why do businesses hire MYM?  We bring a fresh perspective, a kick in the pants, and pull from years of best practices.  By allowing us to have a seat at your table, we reveal challenges or opportunities that are not obvious to those within your organization.  Our diagnostic approach identifies gaps and accelerates the improvement of results.

As we build our relationship, our clients are investing in us as much as we are investing in them. MYM functions on a retainer for a set monthly fee for a minimum of 6 months. We work within your budget to define a scope of work that is a win-win for both parties.

A client recently called us “the wind beneath her wings.”   Give us a chance to be yours, and we will help you soar!